Dr Serene is very approachable; she will listen and address all of your concerns. With over 34 years experience in general practice, Dr Serene understands the importance of taking a detailed history as hormonal balances, poor diet/exercise and sleep patterns affect the skin structure and texture. 

Dr Serene will discuss the best approach to rejuvenate your face and body, combining the latest technology and her own natural techniques while working within your budget.


If you give a tube of paint to 5 different artists, you’ll get very different results. I’ve also developed a new technique which I call ‘lines of lift’. Every person is treated differently according to facial and skin structure. I locate the most effective angle and facial line to lift the face, and use growth factors and natural fillers along these lines. Instant results are seen and the treatment continues to work over a 6 week period as collagen and elastin develop along these lines, and a greater ‘face-lift’ is achieved.
— Dr Serene

01. natural fillers

Dr Serene's technique is safe, almost painless, and with minimal bruising. She uses natural fillers to lift your face and smooth out the wrinkles in such a way that no one will know the secret to your fresh, natural face. Dr Serene says, " Some semi-permanent fillers cause a 'lift' or filling effect by creating scar tissue. In some people, the inflammatory process continues and there are unwanted side-effects, like lumps and bumps that may have to be surgically removed, many years later...... why would you use them? Safety is paramount."

02. dr serene's professional skincare range

I wanted to simplify cosmeceuticals and formulate a professional skincare range that combines the best of leading-edge technology with eastern herbs. The highest concentration and quality ingredients are packed into an easy colour-coded three-step routine for women and dual-action (cleanse and hydrate) plan for men.
— Dr Serene

This skincare range is jam-packed, with the active ingredients operating at the highest allowable concentration. This professional range is usually only available at specialists or beauty salons - now you can purchase high strength products online.

03. dermastamp and dermarollers


Dermastamp: the latest mechanical needling device. Medical microneedling with up to 150 penetrations per second induces collagen for anti-ageing, depressed scarring, and infusion of super concentrated growth factors, antioxidants, vitamins, and natural fillers.

Needling stimulates stem cell production and creates baby soft skin again. A great alternative to wrinkle relaxers, especially during pregnancy when wrinkle relaxers should not be used.

04. easy daily routines
(massages - eyelid lift exercises - omega rich food)

05. Bioidentical hormone replacement

The most natural hormones that mimic your own depleting levels. Dr Serene will formulate the best combination of Biest (estradiol and estriol), progesterone, dhea, and testosterone to improve your mood, skin and hair texture, and other menopausal symptoms. Latest Danish study published in BMJ shows that HRT is safe.

06. wrinkle relaxers

Used judiciously so your face doesn't look frozen, to reshape the face,
and slim down the jawline.

07. mthfr gene variant

Common Gene variants MTHFR (C677 and A1298) affect up to 40% of the population and slows down the activation of 2 essential vitamins, B12 and Folate. Over 200 processes in the body slow down causing memory loss, Alzheimer's, anxiety/depression, insomnia, irritable bowel, ADHD, skin rashes etc (long list). Instead of taking numerous drugs to fix each symptom, why not go to the cause of your illness and use natural treatments like activated vitamins. This is the future of medicine - to keep you healthy with good nutrition and nutrients. Watch my videos on MTHFR and you'll find a new and more effective way to good health.

08. salivary gene test

A salivary gene test can be ordered from www.23andme.com. Besides the MTHFR gene SNP, there are many other SNP's that can impact on your health. Dr Serene can decipher your raw genetic data and make recommendations using diet/lifestyle/vitamin/nutrient measures to bypass these genetic mutations. Email Dr Serene for a Skype/email/clinic appointment after receiving your results.

09. latest technology: the ultraformer ultralift

Great results, no downtime. Minimal pain and very safe.


Many people suffer from thyroid issues without realising that simple measures can greatly improve their quality of life. Common symptoms include feeling cold, fatigue, hair/memory loss, constipation/irritable bowel, dry skin, inability to lose weight, puffy face, muscle aches and pains, anxiety/depression, insomnia or poor sleep, elevated cholesterol levels, erectile dysfunction etc. Tests should include TSH, T4, T3, reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, vitamin D, iron, cholesterol levels, hormonal levels. Many doctors only test the TSH which does not give the full picture. Treatment with T4 only may not be sufficient and thyroid extract, T3, selenium, ashwaghanda, thiamine, methylated b vitamins or low dose naltrexone can optimise results. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, it’s important that your thyroid levels are adequate. Suboptimal thyroid levels lead to lowered skin circulation and a poorer cosmetic outcome.

Hypothyroidism can lead to dementia. Did you know that women are more likely to get dementia than breast cancer? The latest research by Dr Dale Bredesen shows that dementia can be reversed and treatment is holistic.

11. Gut health

Your gut surface (with villi) spans the area of 300 tennis courts, and is your biggest direct interface with the environment. The tight junction between cell walls prevents toxins and harmful elements from entering the body. A protein called zonulin relaxes the tight junctions to allow larger molecules to enter the body. Chemicals, such as those found in 'Roundup', and gliadin (a component of gluten) cause greater zonulin secretion, and thus increase gut permeability. Unwanted particles can now enter your system and cause an inflammatory reaction: the root of most chronic diseases like diabetes and autoimmune conditions. Eating organic food and avoiding gluten helps, but water soluble glycophosphate is ubiquitous - it's even found in rain water. A new product called Bowel Restore helps the gut lining to regain its tight junctions.