Biohawk's Digest Easy Liquid

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Biohawk's Digest Easy Liquid


750 mL

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DigestEasy is an aqueous extract of a special proprietary blend of rhizomes of the Zingiberaceae family (gingers) designed to be taken as a tonic to aid digestion, especially of proteins that cause food intolerance and allergy.

Experience has shown Digest Easy is best taken after breakfast and after dinner at an amount related to your body weight: 10 mL Digest Easy for 60 kg body weight twice a day, and proportionally less or more depending on your weight.  The level can be increased up to 20 mL after 3 meals for 60 kg body weight for more serious conditions.

It can be taken with a SMALL volume of juice but do not dilute greatly.

Ingredients: An aqueous extract of Biohawk’s special blend of ginger spices from the family Zingiberaceae.

Biohawk has searched nature to find a broad range, rapid, safe, natural treatment for and prevention of serious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and food intolerance and allergy and their associated autoimmune diseases, and has also discovered an important key to good nutrition and palatable food for humans and other animals.

Biohawk’s approach is to use common plant foods - ginger spices and pineapple - rich in their unique natural enzymes

  • to digest proline-rich proteins and carbohydrates in your food and from membranes of cells that are resistant to digestion and that cause food intolerance and allergy and other serious diseases
  • to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • to repair life’s damages to our bodies