SQOOM Hyagel Plus


SQOOM Hyagel Plus


Did you know that Sqoom Despot has similar ingredients to hyaGel with added antioxidants for skin ageing and sun exposure? Also called hyaGel +
The generous concentration of lepidoptera sativum sprout extract

• Protects skin against pollutants
• Prevents visible signs of skin aging
• Prevents DNA damage
• Protects against environmental stress factors
• Reduces melanin production

More potent hyaGel for sun damaged skin and sun protection.

On the home page, shift kdu to bottom and put ozone right at the top, above Led

Latest Ozone therapy for health and beauty ( keep my photo but remove it for the kdu).

Potent O3 gas energises, improves immunity, treats arthritis, fights infections and autoimmune disorders.
Dr Serene is a certified Ozone therapist ( with Dr a Frank Shallenberger).

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