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Ozonated water is an ideal sanitiser, using the power of O3 to inactivate and destroy bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms that could make you sick. It can be used to purify water and sanitize storage containers, cutting boards, countertops, fruits and vegetables, and much more.

Simply submerge the Ozo-Pod into a container of water and, within minutes, up to 22L of water will be brought to an ozone concentration of 1 ppm. At this level it is lethal to almost any harmful microbe, as well as the long-chain molecules found in herbicides and pesticides. Once your water is ozonated, you can use it to:

  • Clean fruits and vegetables

  • Clean dirty and smelly sponges

  • Sanitize rubbish bins and sinks

  • Neutralise odours from dirty gear

  • Clean surfaces

  • And much more

The Ozo-Pod is built into stainless steel that looks elegant but is rugged enough for frequent use. There are no moving parts to clog or wear out, no air pumps, and no easy-to-break diffusing stones. Due to the Ozo-Pod's unique method for creating ozone, the ozone stays in the water like a cloud, limiting the user's exposure to high levels that can be harsh on the lungs.

So why ozone? It's approved by the USDA and the FDA for use in food processing and purifying drinking water. Ozone is three parts oxygen and is stronger than chlorine without the potential harmful side effects. O3 is very germicidal, but because it's simply activated oxygen, it breaks down into plain O2, while the third atom attaches to harmful contaminates and inactivates them. This means no residue is left behind. Besides targeting bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and other harmful pollutants, ozone also takes care of bad odors and tastes in the water.

In short, using the purifying power of ozone is easy and safe, and the Ozo-Pod is built to last. Use it at home, work, or on the road. If you can plug it in, you can have a cleaner environment in minutes.

Note: This device is meant to ozonate water and should not be used with oil.