LED Light - CLEAR SKIN Travel Light

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LED Light - CLEAR SKIN Travel Light


Clear Skin Travel Light has 169 pieces of LED, and wavelengths for red light (630nm) and blue light (660nm). Blue light kills the bacteria causing acne and reduces sebum production which is one of the main reasons acne occurs. Increased sebum due to hormonal fluctuations often leads to blockage of the glands, stagnation and infection… Acne.

The science on Red Light Therapy benefits

Dimensions: 330mm x 345mm

Weight 0.6 kg

Aluminium backing to improve performance.

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This lightweight device uses SMD LED lights which will allow you to take it on your travels and the irradiance (strength of the energy emitted) is low, so you can place it directly on your skin. Also good for everyday use. Place on your face or any part of your body while you have a power nap.

Blue light: treats acne as the blue light is antibacterial

Red light: reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores by stimulating collagen and connective tissue. Also heals sun damaged skin and scarring.

How to use: Use from 10 - 40 minutes