LED Light - ORIGINAL Travel Light

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Original travel.JPG

LED Light - ORIGINAL Travel Light


Travel Light has 169 pieces of LED, and wavelengths for red light (630nm and 660nm) and far infrared (830nm). These wavelengths energise your ageing mitochondria throughout your whole body, so not only does it plump your skin and reduce wrinkles but you can place it on your joints, back of thighs, arms and even your head to improve memory.

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The science on Red Light Therapy benefits

Dimensions: 330mm x 345mm

Aluminium backing to improve heat transmission.

A perfect weight 0.6 kg for travelling with. Good for long distance travel as it helps with jetlag.

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This lightweight device uses SMD LED lights which will allow you to take it on your travels and the irradiance (strength of the energy emitted) is low, so you can place it directly on your skin. Also good for everyday use. Place on your face or any part of your body while you have a power nap.

Red light: reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores by stimulating collagen and connective tissue. Also heals sun damaged skin and scarring.

How to use: Use from 10 - 40 minutes