Award winning TV series screened on SBS TV, Fox Lifestyle Channel
(Distributed to over 25 countries)


Isla Fisher, Ajahn Brahm, Dr Marc Cohen
Dr Hira Singh, Dr Frank Wildman, Dr Phillip Soh
Sir James Galway, Dr Craig Hassed, Dr Richard Yin

The 6 episodes: Acupuncture, Meditation, Movement - Feldenkreis and Alexander techniques, Massage, Biomagnetism, Homeopathy were filmed in over 5 continents including Japan, Hawaii, People's Republic of China, London, and Australia.

concentrated growth factors

serene As seen on Today Tonight

Dr Serene shows how dark eye hollows and a tired face can be instantly transformed, with minimal pain and bruising, using concentrated growth factors which achieve a very natural transformation.

facial exercises

serene As seen on Today Tonight

Professional Beauty Online: Dr Serene launches Facial Rejuvenation series
Combining the best of Eastern wisdom and western technology in this facial beauty series, Dr Serene's DIY treatment is also very useful for any facial weakness (post stroke/Bell's palsy)