Seeking Health Methionine


Seeking Health Methionine


100 capsules

  • May help support cardiovascular health
  • May help support healthy muscle function
  • May help support healthy levels of SAMe and healthy methylation processes
  • May help support normal fat metabolism

Suitable for vegetarians. Does not contain: dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soy.

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Supplement facts (per capsule)

500 mg



Methionine by Seeking Health provides 500 mg of L-methionine, an essential sulphur-containing amino acid important for the synthesis of proteins. 

Methionine is one of eight essential amino acids, which means that it cannot be produced in the body but is an essential component for many body functions, including the production of creatine, which is an important nutrient for proper functioning of muscles and the entire cardiovascular system. Methionine can also be useful in supporting normal mood regulation, liver function and healthy skin and nails.* 

As one of the major sources of methyl groups in the human diet, methionine plays an important role in methylation and related functions. Methylation is an essential process inside the human body where a donor molecule (like L-methionine) transfers methyl groups to other molecules that need it. The production of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for a healthy emotional state, require the methylation process. Many other processes, such as DNA synthesis, also rely on the methylation cycle to function properly.* 

L-methionine also supports healthy liver detoxification. It may help the body process and eliminate fat. This essential amino acid is required to produce cysteine and taurine, which are important factors needed to support normal Phase II liver processes and maintaining healthy antioxidant levels in the liver. L-methionine is necessary for the production of creatine, a nutrient found in muscle tissue. Creatine helps provide the energy muscles require to move via its role in the ATP cycle. It is crucial for muscle function, which in turn supports normal heart and circulatory function.* 

Take note that methionine may raise homocysteine levels. Homocysteine production may be modulated by maintaining healthy levels of vitamin B6, B12 and folate and supporting a balanced intake of other nutrients involved in the methylation cycle.*


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