Blood Cleanser (Cat Whiskers)

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Blood Cleanser (Cat Whiskers)


Cat’s whiskers herb improves
1. inflammation - which is the cause of many chronic diseases. Good for gout, arthritis and shown to increase bone strength. It reduces the severity of coughs and colds
2. diabetes : It reduces blood sugar level, increases leptin ( makes you feel full) and promotes healthy HDL
3. urinary and lung disorders: reduces kidney stone formation and is antibacterial and diuretic
4. cardiovascular conditions ( hypertension) etc. Rosmarinic acid in this herb inhibits Angiotensin Converting enzymes, resulting in your vessels expanding and blood pressure reduction.
5. Weight loss is an added bonus. It inhibits pancreatic amylase and alpha-glucosidase which reduce the absorption of start and uptake of glucose.
 Skin improvement with it's high antioxidant levels. Fights fungal infections caused by Candida albicans and staph aureus.

Used widely in Asia and backed by many scientific studies.

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1.       Helps to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and body fat

2.       Helps in lowering blood pressure

3.       Reduce urinary tract infections

4.       Powerful anti-inflammatory property – useful in treating bone and joint health

5.       Powerful cleansing herb to prevent liver damage

6.       Help to improve memory and also protects against neuronal cell death

7.       Good anti-bacterial properties which inturn reduces the susceptibility of bladder and kidney infections

8.       Promotes healthy skin, useful in eliminating oily skin, powerful herbal remedy for acne, minor cuts and wounds. Great antiaging herb

9.       Powerful cold remedy, reducing symptoms of minor throat and mouth infections

10.   Helps to prevent or manage cancer growth and metastasis