We all have an electric field…

Physicist Herbert Frohlich discovered in the 1950’s that all living cells emit biophotons (weak light energy) that facilitate communication between cells and within cells to maintain organisation and coherence. When a cell loses its coherence (the ability to create, send, receive coherent light), the cells lose function and the physical tissue becomes ill.

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For over 2,000 years, the Chinese have understood that humans have invisible energy, which they called ‘Qi’, or life force. Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (460BC- ca. 370 BC) and the Indians also accepted the vital energetic force that all humans possess. This biophotonic energy needs to be organised and maximised for optimal health. The Chinese used acupuncture to keep the circuits flowing smoothly. Energy comes in many different forms - light, sound, electric, magnetic etc.

A device to capture the light energy of a dying person shows a weak energetic field leading up to death, followed by a sudden release of energy and then cessation.

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During the cold war in the 1950’s, the Russians and Cubans had no access to western medicines and they began to study biomagnetic energy medicine and gases (ozone, xenon etc) intensively to treat illnesses. The studies were accelerated to keep cosmonauts in good health. Due to the continuing east/ west hostilities, the Russians have not promoted these biomagnetic devices to the west. In fact, many Russian companies do not ship their devices to America and their websites say ‘these devices do not work in the USA’.

Of course the big pharmaceutical stronghold in the west means it will be a long time before energetic medicine becomes mainstream, like it is in Russia. The west is only just starting to understand energy with LED lights. Take home LED lights are very useful to maintain brain and body health and beauty.

Watch  this video  about Max Burr, a retired Tasmanian federal politician who wears a bucket fitted out with LED lights on his head to keep his Parkinson's symptoms at bay

Watch this video about Max Burr, a retired Tasmanian federal politician who wears a bucket fitted out with LED lights on his head to keep his Parkinson's symptoms at bay

Recently, DNA has been shown to emit biophotons and this energy influences the information that it transmits. Apart from vertical transmission (DNA to messenger RNA etc), there is now another pathway that DNA can exert its influence.

In Dr Serene’s Ozone and Bioenergetic Clinic, there will be a range of devices that encompass all these modalities to treat a large range of conditions. The devices are backed by numerous studies and have been used in leading hospitals and clinics overseas for over 10 years.

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