before and after:
concentrated growth factors

I’m so pleased with Dr Serene’s treatment - I look natural and much fresher!
— Lois Christensen

1. Barrie Turnbull

Barrie Turnbull, practice manager, has deep hollows under his eyes. "People always say I look tired when I feel energetic," said Barrie. Dr Serene showed on Today Tonight how to refresh his face. Barrie's major concern was to keep looking natural. "Hollows under the eyes are tricky to treat. Too much and you get puffy eyes. The treatment has to be deep or skin discoloration can occur," says Dr Serene. It's now 18 months since the treatment and Barrie has not had any "You're looking tired" comments. He's really pleased.

2. Lois Christensen

Lois Christensen runs a busy lunch bar and was most concerned about the lines above her upper lips and wanted to look more refreshed. Dr Serene refined her face, slimmed down her jawline, and removed the wrinkles around her mouth. Lois said, "I'm so pleased with Dr Serene's treatment - I look natural and much fresher."

3. Dr Serene's Patient


This gentleman had deep lines from his nose to mouth (nasolabial lines). Dr Serene lifted his cheeks instead of filling in just the lines. As we age, the connective tissue becomes less elastic and the cheeks 'fall', causing nasolabial folds. This also flattens the face. Most young people have higher and rounder cheeks with greater 3D definition. If the nasolabial folds are only filled, the face will still have a flat contour and will look unnatural. This man's facial shape is now symmetrical and filled around the cheeks.
"By lifting the cheeks, restoring 3D contour, the nasolabial folds will improve without any filling needed," said Dr Serene.

before & after: SQOOM

1. Dr Orna Gabbay

Perth Cosmetic GP has never received compliments about her face. 5 days after SQOOMing, the compliments started coming: "Your face is glowing! You look so much younger, what's your secret?" She found the wrinkles above her lips (which are usually hard to treat) disappeared, her face lifted, her eye lids became less droopy and her skin texture became smooth, elastic, and youthful.

"I now recommend SQOOM to all my cosmetic clients and I don't use botox or fillers on myself anymore."

2. Name Withheld

A large number of people over 50's have reddened, blotchy skin. Sun damage/heat and cold environmental changes/wind and stress thins the skin and the inflamed veins beneath the skin become more obvious. It's very hard to treat with creams and antibiotics. Reverse the cause by nurturing the skin and the redness goes. SQOOM rehydrates and soothes the skin, restoring skin volume so the veins become invisible again. This girl's red cheeks continue to improve with SQOOM.

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