Dr Serene is a pioneering medical professional whose constant search for new technology and a natural, holistic approach within mainstream medicine has seen her develop a strong following.


A leading practitioner and medical identity, Dr Serene is credited with being one of the leaders in introducing complementary therapies to the mainstream since 1983. Today, however, she is turning her attention to cosmetics. Since 2007, Dr Serene has been researching and pioneering procedures that are not only natural, but also produce a natural-looking face.

Her mantra is to restore or maintain our body, minds and faces the way nature intended. And that extends from her wellbeing coaching to her mainstream practice and into her facial rejuvenation. Dr Serene has produced some DIY videos to help you maintain your health and beauty.

I started seeing a few wrinkles and thought ‘I can change this.’ I looked around and wasn’t happy with the look that anti-ageing procedures were giving people, so I attended courses and started experimenting on my own face. My pitch has always been ‘less is more’ so that you’ll just look naturally youthful and fresh.
— Dr Serene

Operating from her own clinic in the Claremont Quarter, Dr Serene specialises in natural fillers, and dermarolling/SQOOMing with concentrated growth factors (CGFs) from your own blood - commonly referred to as the Dracula Treatment. She’s constantly searching for improved techniques and solutions to attain that natural-looking face and body. Thelatest innovations : the Ultraformer nonsurgical neck and face lift, Clatuu fat freezer, Slimspec and ED1000 use safe and effective energies so that great results can be achieved without downtime and with minimal side effects.

Dr Serene came across SQOOM in 2011. “I had heard it was coming to Australia, but had been waiting so long that I didn’t want to wait any longer. So, I decided to bring it in myself!” she laughs.

It’s SQOOM’s ability to produce a natural-looking facelift, plus its additional benefits for the entire family in skin health that attracts her to it. She also loves that the all-natural, preservative-free, German-engineered gels are delivered deep into the skin through a tool that uses world-leading ultrasound and ionization technology to produce an award-winning skin-health concept.

Dr Serene has had great results with the SQOOM in softening lines, eliminating acne and blotchy red marks on the face, and a general improvement in the overall complexion and health of the skin. She believes its ability to be used safely at home is a big step forward for skin health and anti-ageing.


dr serene at a glance

Dr Serene stepped into general practice in 1983. Feeling Western medicine didn’t offer enough, she trained in acupuncture and researched complementary therapies. In the 80s, she launched the first National Pharmacy Guild-endorsed relaxation tapes (featured on Qantas airlines), then wrote and presented a six-part complementary therapy documentary for SBS in the 90s (it has since been seen in 30 different countries).

The latter was a pioneering move supported by medical leaders such as Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, the founder of the Australian Integrated Medical Association (AIMA), and Professor Marc Cohen, currently foundation Professor of Complementary Medicine at RMIT University.

Dr Serene has been a regular on radio (Radio National, 6PR, 3AW) and the international speaking circuit, author of a book on relationships called A Touch of Love and a columnist for The West Australian. She introduced a stress reduction/relaxation course for medicine students at the University of Western Australia in the 90s. After 15 years of a hectic schedule, Dr Serene spent 15 years out of the media spotlight working as a GP and attending meditation retreats. In 2009, Dr Serene embarked on a cosmetic career, sourcing natural and innovative methods to rejuvenate skin. Her latest venture is Sqoom – using cutting-edge German technology and gels to treat skin conditions and rejuvenate the skin. Dr Serene meditates everyday and attends 10-day silent meditation retreats three times a year. She maintains a healthy daily regime of exercise (swimming/cycling/walking/hypervibe workout ) and a diet rich in antioxidants. “If I can’t look after myself, how can I look after anyone else?”

Dr Serene is credited with being one of the leaders in introducing complementary therapies to the mainstream since 1983


Producer of audio tapes/relaxation tapes
Endorsed by National Pharmacy Guild of
Australia and sold in pharmacies (1990)
Featured on Qantas Airlines ambient channel

Writer/Presenter/Associate Producer
The Nature of Healing

A six-part TV series filmed in five continents
and the winner of a national award for best
Broadcast nationally (SBS) and on Foxtel.
Marketed in Cannes to more than 25 countries

Author of A Touch of Love
A book about relationships

Speaker on relationships, wellbeing, work-life
balance and other health-related issues

Nationally and internationally

Keynote speaker
Malaysia Business Woman of the Year (1996)

World President’s Organization (1999)

Chartered Accountants/Dental Faculty/
Medical Students

Newspaper columnist
The West Australian

Radio broadcaster
Regular talk-back on Radio National
and 3AW Melbourne

National TV Expert
Channel 7 news
Today Tonight
The Today Show
Beauty and the Beast